Messori Vini
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Messori Vini

70 Years
of Passion

Messori's wine is the embrace of three generations, a huge dream started with granfather Erio 70 years ago: We still saw him around the fireplace with us grandchildren, our grandfather after a Sunday lunch or a tipycal Modenese's dinner. It's a rite that we used to celebrate as a form of art and freedom. Inside those stories there was the courage to pursue his dreams even if the grandfather didn't tell it.

And dreams, if free to express themself,
brew like the LAMBRUSCO.

Grandfather Erio as a farmer and grape-handler gives his passion to our father, Giancarlo, who goes to work as cellar-man; an intership necessary to discover soon that he should have tried to do all this on his own supported by our mother and grandfather Erio, he opens his cellar, bottling the wine produced by himself: Genuine, simple and local wine such as “LAMBRUSCO DI SORBARA“, “GRASPAROSSA” and “PIGNOLETTO”.

Giancarlo perceives soon that to reduce his fatigue and improve his wines he must make some decisive choices: He starts from investments in the countryside, acquiring modern plants capable of processing grapes in the best way. The cellar is growing day by day.

Today Messori Wine 1950 is a farm where the grandsons Cristina and Andrea cultivate the same passion of their father Giancarlo: 20 hectares of vineyard between Sorbara and Modena, up to the care in the cellar, now able to manage a several variety of wines thanks to an advanced bottling system.

From the earth to the bottle,
with an open look to the future.

A future easy to reach, given the strategic location of the winery near northern Modena, next to the countryside, in which a family spirit made of simple things is waiting for you.

Inside our wines there's all the quality of “LAMBRUSCO MODENESE“, capable, as it can make a good glass of wine, of feeding and letting your dreams brew too.

Via Viazza Di Ramo, 113
41123 Cittanova (MO)

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Cristina and Andrea Messori
+39 059 848196


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